Connect With Xandria

If you have questions, please check the FAQ Section first. To contact the band, use the email contacts below. Please send inquiries in German or English if you want us to understand you, thanks!

For business inquires, please send to the appropriate contact. If you are not sure, please do not send to the band, write to management.

Band contact
Marco Heubaum
Gerit Lamm
Philip Restemeier
Steven Wussow


Autographs: We are sorry, but at the moment we can not send out autographs.


You will find all confirmed concert dates in the Upcoming Shows section. We are sorry, but beyond that we can not tell you if or when Xandria will play in a certain city or location. As soon as we can, we will let you know!

If you find Xandria concerts announced somewhere else, but not here on the official homepage, the information is very likely not true or not yet confirmed. Just wait to see if the date is confirmed on our website. If you want Xandria to play in a certain location or festival, the best action is to contact the respective promoter, so they know people want to see Xandria there and potentially book us.


You can order tickets from the Upcoming Shows section. If a concert is not listed, and there is no other ticket seller specified, we unfortunately can not tell you where to get tickets. The best course of action is to ask the venue, other ticket sellers in your city, or look for it online.